Our most powerful solution

Our most powerful laundry detergent sheet solution is a game changer for those who are looking for an efficient and effective way to tackle tough stains. Developed as an additional product by Great Factory, this solution was launched one year after the first version and has been well received by end users. The inclusion of enzymes in the formulation increases the cleaning efficiency and gives it the ability to tackle the most stubborn stains.

Great Factory has found a way to include enzymes in the manufacturing process without affecting their sensitivity due to the high heating involved. This innovative approach to laundry detergent sheets sets it apart from other products in the market and provides end users with a highly effective solution for their laundry needs. Whether it is for removing stubborn stains or simply freshening up clothes, Great Factory's most powerful laundry detergent sheet is an excellent choice.

We constantly strive to innovate and revolutionize the laundry market. Our latest offering, the enzymatic detergent sheets, is a testament to our commitment to providing efficient and effective solutions to our clients. Join us in our mission to challenge traditional laundry methods and achieve superior results.