Create your brand

Full packaging customization

Let our construction team assist you in creating a packaging design that meets your requirements. We offer a range of standard construction packaging designs that have been well-tested and proven to be effective. Whether you want to customize your packaging or choose from our standard options, we have the expertise to help you achieve the perfect solution for your needs.

Fragrance customizations

One of the unique aspects of our solution is the ability to customize the fragrance of the detergent sheets to fit your brand's image. Whether you're looking to replicate a specific scent or explore new fragrance options, our team is here to assist. With a wide range of scents to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your brand. Additionally, we have the capability to adjust the amount of fragrance in the detergent sheets to ensure a long-lasting scent in your fabrics. Let us help create a customized fragrance solution that sets your brand apart.


Laundry Sheets - Sensitive


Introducing our Universal Sensitive Laundry Detergent Sheets – the ultimate solution for those who seek a gentle, yet effective laundry experience. These sheets are specially formulated to cater to those with sensitive skin, providing a safe and gentle way to clean clothes. With no harsh chemicals or irritants, our Universal Sensitive option ensures that your clothes are not only clean but also protected.

Laundry Sheets - Powerful


Introducing our Powerful Enzyme Laundry Detergent Sheets, the ultimate solution for tackling tough stains and grime. With a special blend of powerful enzymes, our detergent sheets are designed to effectively remove even the most stubborn of stains, leaving your clothes looking and smelling fresh and clean. Our enzyme formula is also designed to work well in both hot and cold water, making it suitable for all types of washing machines.